Thursday, 4 June 2009

Flowers and Foolishness

Well, the flowers of tonight's title are "White Hydrangeas". The drawing was inspired by a photograph taken by Hylott -- my Alabama friend. He also sent me a photo of a pink hydrangea which hopefully you will be seeing a drawing of soon.

The foolishness part of the title comes from this next silly sketch.

I have named this one "I'm a Lion Too". Nothing much to say about it -- sketching it was just a fun way to take a break while working on another Way of the Cross icon.

Speaking of those icons, I finally got some comments from a regular viewer -- helpful comments I might add. I am still waiting for comments from some of the rest of you.

I am sorry I can't say too much tonight as my eyes no longer work well with my glasses and so my efforts to read and to see what I have typed are very tiring. I think I need to go and take another good rest. Maybe I will be able to do a bit more work later.

Peace be with you all.

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