Monday, 8 June 2009

Holy Napkins

There are two holy napkins that I know about. One comes from the traditional stories of the Catholic Church; while the other one comes from a similar story tradition in the Orthodox Church.

The Catholic story is about St. Veronica. The story goes that a holy woman by the name of Veronica broke through the crowd surrounding Jesus as He carried the cross. She held in her hands a clean, linen cloth and as Christ came near her, she reached out and carefully wiped the blood and spittle from His Holy Face.

Christ's eyes met hers with thankfulness for her kindness before the soldiers shoved Him on His way. When Veronica looked at the cloth, she found that an image of Christ's bloody and beaten face had been left on the napkin. This event is now memorialized as the sixth station of the Way of the Cross.

The other story of a holy napkin comes from the Orthodox tradition. I have told you this story previously -- maybe a year ago -- when I posted the icon above known as "The Holy Napkin -- Not Made by Hands".

As you may recall, a messenger from a great king was sent to Jesus asking Him to please come and lay His hands on him so he might be healed. At that time, Jesus was surrounded by His own people -- people trying to question Him about His teachings; others seeking to be healed. There was no way He could walk away from His own people at that moment so He took a napkin and wiped His face with it, giving it to the messenger to take to his master. When the cloth was opened, it was found that there was a picture of the Holy Face -- not made by hands -- and the sick who touched the cloth were healed.

I placed an order for a single copy of the book today after making some adjustments to my previous attempt to order it. Hopefully it will arrive within the next two weeks and then I will be glad to start taking orders. I decided not to use their book selling service as they are a U.S. company and it would all get too complicated. So, I plan to order enough copies to cover the requests and then sell them myself. I can always order more copies if necessary. I get a 10% discount on the price if I am ordering 10 or more copies at one time so I will wait until I have at least 10 requests before placing my first order.

I am posting this early tonight as I have a young couple coming for a session in their marriage preparation course.

Peace be with you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sallie: Just a note to tell you that I like your latest Station - Veronica wipes the Face of Jesus, and it was very helpful of you to post the stories from both the Orthodox and the Catholic traditions.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the Rosary book once you are in a position to take orders, and will probably order the series on the Way of the Cross - in one form or other, as well.

It is really great (once again) to view your blog in its entirety and to see the progression of your work from those early postings in 2007. It would be so great if you could realize some meaningful profit from your sales, and to see a wider market developing.

You are truly talented in both your sacred and your secular works!

God bless,