Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hooray! The A/C is working again!

Here is the 15th Way of the Cross icon. Let me know what you think of it.

I have tried to make everything as glowing as possible. The tomb is full of light (maybe angels). The tail-end of the bright, white shroud falls just outside the cave opening. The dawn sky is filled with bright colours which reflect off the rocks. Christ's hair is almost fiery. The angel kneeling before Him is small which makes Christ look almost super-human in size. Flowers have blossomed at His feet. All the clothing is white except for the gold-coloured band across the chest of Christ and the golden-light of the halos.

I added cracks to the big circular stone that had been covering the opening to the tomb to indicate the powerful way in which the Resurrection took place. I want this station to say: Christ is risen from the dead -- death is powerfully defeated -- Alleluia!

This second drawing reminds me of the photos I have seen of eastern Canada. Wherever it is, it is definitely some place I would enjoy being right now as it looks considerably cooler than Toronto.

I have named this drawing: "The Night is Far Spent". It makes me think of that time of night just before the sky turns grey, the moon fades from sight and you can see traces of fog over the water -- fog that will fade with the rising sun.

I met today with the surgeon today who will do the cataract surgery on my right eye this coming Tuesday morning. He said that my left eye is healing very well and he doesn't foresee any problems with the surgery on my right one.

Peace be with you all.

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