Saturday, 20 June 2009

Numbers 13 and 14

Well, here we are. These are the final two stations in the traditional Way of the Cross.

Number 13 is a revision of an icon you have seen previously. I had worked on this icon some time ago with the idea that if I ever did get around to doing the Stations, I could use this one for the 13th or 14th station. When the time came, I decided that with a bit of revision, it worked better as the 13th station which is "Jesus is taken down from the cross" (and laid in His mother's arms).

You can see the open tomb in the background and the empty cross even further back. In the foreground we see the Blessed Mother cradling her Son's head while St. Mary Magdalene cries to Heaven behind her. This was apparently the last time our Blessed Mother would be able to hold her Son in her arms although I am sure she knew, in some way, that she would hold her Son in her arms again someday.

And here it is -- number 14. One of the titles of this station is "Jesus is placed in the sepulchre".

I chose to make this as simple as possible with the exception of the three figures in the doorway: our Blessed Mother, St. John and St. Mary Magdalene. One last goodbye and the stone would be rolled across the opening -- leaving the inside of the tomb in total darkness. Those outside left just as the Sabbath was beginning with plans to return after the Sabbath ended on Sunday morning and wrap the body properly with the spices that had been provided.

I have often thought about this plan to open the tomb on the third day after the death of Jesus. Had His followers had time to wrap the body properly before the Sabbath started, they would not have made plans to open the grave again at all. Jesus would still have risen, but I wonder how He would have dealt with His followers in making Himself known in His glorified body.

As I was telling a friend recently, I find myself wondering about many such things as I get older and seem to have more time to reflect on such matters. Just recently I began to wonder if Judas could have cried out to God for mercy in the final seconds of his life. If he did, I might very well meet him in Purgatory when, please God, I arrive there!

That's enough rambling for tonight. Please, please give me some feedback regarding these two stations -- especially station 14. On Monday I plan to post the 15th station and I will need feedback on it as well since it has just recently become a regular part of the Stations of the Cross.

Peace be with you all.

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