Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Simon of Cyrene

Here is the fifth station.

Jesus was trying His best to carry the cross, but after all he had been through, he kept falling under the weight of it. So the Roman soldiers grabbed a man from the crowd, a man from Cyrene by the name of Simon, and made him carry the cross for Christ.

We never know when the events of life are suddenly going to reach out and grab us. There was Simon just walking down the street or maybe, attracted by the crowds and noise, trying to see what was happening and a Roman soldier reached out and grabbed him. He was thrust into what would turn out to be one of the most meaningful episodes in human history. His name has forever after been associated with the story of Christ's passion and death. Unlike Pilate, whose name has also been associated with this event; Simon of Cyrene is remembered by Christians with gratitude because of the help he gave to Our Lord.

Now, from the sublime to the ridiculous, take a look at the following photograph.

Yes, it really is me. I was a senior in high school when this photo was taken and one of three majorettes who pranced weekly in front of our marching band during half-time at our Friday night football game. The majorettes usually performed some kind of half-time routine as well. I was easy to recognize even from the highest rows of the stands -- I was the one always dropping my baton! Oh, well... what can I say!

Peace to you all.

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