Wednesday, 8 July 2009

And Now for Something a Bit Different

I haven't done such a complex scenic in some time now. This one is called simply "Country Village" and required a lot of patience because of all the small details. I enjoyed the challenge, however.

It is actually a scene from somewhere in the New England States -- as you might have guessed by looking at those rounded mountains. The trees and mountains actually remind me a bit of the Smokey Mountains in the southern U.S.

Next are two flower drawings.

The first flower looks a bit exotic, but is really just an unusual variety of something very commonplace. The is the Aquilegia Hybrid Columbine.

I have done a number of drawings of our more familiar Columbine -- and they are striking enough -- but this variety is really different, mainly because of the colour.

Finally, I did a drawing of a very common wildflower which gets very strange looking when you get close up!

This is the Common Spiderwort. It grows wild along the eastern seaboard and inland -- including Ontario. The name has always intrigued me and made me wonder if it was once used as a treatment for spider bites. Anybody know for certain?

I continue to hope that there will be more orders for my book. So far I have received 10 requests for books for a total of 16 books. So far, the response of those who have seen the book has been very positive with comments such as "you should be charging more for this" and "Wow, I really didn't expect it to look so professionally done!"

Tomorrow I go to have the suture removed from my right eye and then there should be constant improvement after that. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes during my cataract surgeries.

May peace be with you all.

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