Friday, 10 July 2009

Colourful Drawings

Tonight's drawings are both very colourful. As you know, I am a real sucker for colour. Almost every drawing I do has some vivid colour in it somewhere -- maybe just a splash, but it will usually be there, even in the icons I draw.

As you may recall, the art business I tried to start was named "Colouration" as the colouring of objects is almost more interesting to me than the drawing of them. I would definitely have a difficult time doing pen and ink work only!

The first drawing, above, is entitled "Against the Storms". This is a title which may not make a lot of sense so I had better explain why I used it. It is because of the tree sitting on a small hill above the ocean. When I was drawing that tree and thinking about how it had grown, it seemed obvious to me that it had weathered many, many storms. Just look at the way it squats there on the hilltop with that thick base indicating deep root development. What a wise tree it is to grow so it can stand against the storms. Could there be a lesson for us in this?

This second drawing is of a most amazing orchid called "Parrot Orchids".

They really do look like exotic birds. You have to wonder what on earth possessed the plant to develop such flowers. If you look at them in evolutionary terms, then there must be some advantage in developing such complex blossoms. I wonder what it could be? Of course, we could see them as something delightfully whimsical that God created just for the pleasure of showing them to us. However they got here really doesn't matter that much to me, I am just glad they did because they are beautiful.

miz k.d. is finally recovering from a bad reaction to antibiotics. The vet said she had never heard of a cat being allergic to this particular medication before. Well, if any cat is going to be allergic, it will be miz k.d. for sure. She has never done well with any kind of pills.

We are expecting a big thunderstorm tomorrow morning and this same storm actually caused a tornado to develop in northern Ontario today -- something almost unheard of that far north. I hope it will have lost some of it punch by the time it reaches us.

Wishing you all the blessings of peace.

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