Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Flame and Light

Here is the other Flame Azalea drawing I was telling you about. This one is a bit more "flame" coloured than the previous white one.

You can actually see these flowers while driving along the highway in certain parts of the south where they grow wild. As I said before, seeing them sometime in their profusion of blossoms, you can't help but say "thank you, Lord for your creation".

This second drawing is unusual in that I haven't drawn any lighthouses for the past year or so. I think the last one I drew was "Eugene's Lighthouse" -- the lighthouse on the coast of Victoria, B.C.

This one is of a Quebec lighthouse (notice the flag under the Canadian one). I was attracted to it because of the reflection in the pool of rainwater. I am not sure that I am finished with it yet, but wanted to show it to you anyway.

I really do enjoy drawing buildings even though it means working with really small areas when you are drawing on the computer as I am. Maybe it is the challenge which appeals.

I am writing this early tonight as I am feeling very tired again. Now I need to go and prepare a bit of supper before I fall asleep!

May peace be with you all.

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