Monday, 6 July 2009

Flowers and Sleeping Kitty

Tonight there are more drawings of flowers.

The one above is, of course, a Calla Lily. They are one of the most elegant flowers I am aware of. Their curving simplicity always gives me pause whether I see a single flower or a bouquet, a photograph of a single flower or a painting of many.

This is about the fourth drawing I have done of Calla Lilies using the computer. I keep trying to capture that "stop and take a second look" feeling that I so often get from these photogenic flowers.

This next drawing is of the blossom and buds of a "Crimson-eyed Rose Mallow" -- sounds almost good enough to eat, doesn't it? This drawing was done using another one of Hylott's beautiful photographs. Rose Mallow's also have a very striking blossom when first in bloom. Because of the big petals, however, they tend to get very floppy when they start to age -- sort of like what is happening to me!

Hylott's wife, by the way, continues to struggle with serious health problems so if you are a praying person, please pray for her and for him. If you are not a praying person, please send some positive energy in the direction of Birmingham. Thanks.

Tonight's last drawing is of a sleepy kitten.

I did this drawing from one of the many animal pictures that circulate on the web. When I saw the photograph, I knew immediately what colours I wanted to use for the kitten and for the background and I think I was almost able to achieve the combination that I saw in my mind's eye (isn't that a great expression?).

Speaking of kittens, by the way, reminds me that miz k.d. has a sore back paw. I have a call into my wonderful vet who visits us at home. I tried to check online to see if there were any common problems with the feet of older cats but so far have found nothing. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along.

The orders are slowly coming in for THE book. If you are planning on getting a copy, I will be delighted to take your order.

Peace be with you.

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