Thursday, 16 July 2009


The older I get the more forgetful I become -- or so it seems to me. I am not sure if this is a problem with my brain or just a matter of not paying enough attention. Whatever the cause, it is definitely an increasing problem. A problem which I became very aware of tonight as I started deciding which drawings I would be posting.

In the past, I had little trouble remembering what had been posted and what hadn't, but now I am forced to search through pages and pages of my blog to make certain that I haven't posted an item previously -- unless I make a point of always recording what has and hasn't been used! What a nuisance. I trust my faithful readers will forgive me if I post something twice unintentionally.

The first drawing (above) is of a flower called Arnica. So the title of the drawing is "Arnica with Moth". See, I am as clever as ever with titles! Arnica, I believe, is also known as Mountain Tobacco and was once used to treat bruises. Arnica is the name of the plant and also the Genus.

This second drawing is not very satisfactory as it isn't arranged artistically. I was tempted to start over and I may do so eventually. However, I love this little flower called "Star of Bethlehem". In real life, they are so delicate and lovely poking their blossoms up between the blades of grass.

Finally, tonight, I have a special treat for you -- a chicken named Sally! Isn't she lovely? Chickens can actually make delightful pets and I felt I had to save this photo when I came across it since the chicken has the same name I do!

This reminds me of a story that I think I have told you previously, when talking about all the nicknames I have had over the years. Anyway, one of my admirers in high school came up to me one day on the school bus practically bursting with pride. He said sweetly: "Hold out your hand, I have a surprise for you". I thought, Oh, goody, maybe a chocolate bar and held out my hand expectantly. He gently placed a photograph in my palm. Puzzled, I looked down at a picture of a very young calf. As I looked up at him questioningly, he said, proudly, "That is my new calf and I named her Sallie".

I'm afraid I was a bit shallow at the time and I indicated that I was not pleased -- at all. Now, I would be delighted to have a lovely, young calf named after me, but then I was simply indignant. Oh, well, we live and learn and grow. I do hope Sallie gave lots of milk and had numerous calves.

By the way, the books are flying off the shelf. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, you may want to act soon!

Peace be with you.

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