Friday, 21 August 2009

After the Storm

Well, we had quite the storm here yesterday. In areas just north of the City, there were actually tornadoes! We very rarely have such violent weather in this part of the world so the devastation caused by these tornadoes was probably more shocking to us than it would be to someone in the southern or central U.S.

In the downtown area, close to the Lake, we just had a really spectacular thunderstorm. For a while it was raining sideways in sheets and since it wasn't blowing in my direction, I was able to sit in the open balcony door and really enjoy the thunder and lightning. I have always loved thunderstorms.

As for tonight's drawings, the one above is of "Virginia Bluebells" a member of the Forget-Me-Not family. It has lovely, delicate flowers with indentations that I really was not able to create with the computer. I tried all sorts of techniques, but it always ended up looking like the flowers had big spots on them so I just left them off. I must find a way to create this effect. I had the same problems recently when drawing the "Chinese Lantern" pods that I posted a few days ago.

Next, I want to show you the "Turks Cap Lily" that I have drawn. These upside down lilies are so interesting and I found it difficult to do them justice. I want to try drawing them again but will wait until I find a better photograph to work from.

By the way, if you remember the "Tubular Begonia" that I posted recently, you may recall that I said that I was inspired to draw it by a photograph I had seen on Facebook. I now have the permission of the photographer to mention her name and give her web site. Her name is Jill Barber of Jill Barber Photography in Knoxville, TN. Take a look at her work when you have a moment -- she is really excellent, especially with photos of children.

Hopefully no more tornadoes tonight.
Peace be with you all.

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