Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Feast of St. Sarah

Today is the day that I claim as my feast day, August 19th. Although there are no feast days for St. Sarah, wife of Abraham, in the Catholic Church, there are in the Orthodox. The date for the feast of St. Sarah is today and I have claimed it for myself.

St. Sarah did some really foolish things, but I give her credit for sticking with St. Abraham all those years through all his shenanigans. So there are many things about her that I would like to emulate; however, I do not want to be pregnant with my first child when I am in my 90's as she was with her son, Isaac. That is too much to ask of any woman!

I was at St. Sarah's and St. Abraham's tombs in the Holy Land many years ago -- right where the oak of Mamre once stood. The area is now part of a mosque, but at that time there was no problem about Christian tourists coming into the mosque to pray at the tombs. Remember, the Moslems honour Abraham and Sarah as well.

Anyway, in celebration of my feast day, I decided to invite St. Francis to join me! As is made clear, the icon above is of St. Francis of Assisi and is also my most recent icon drawing. It is very different from the one I did of St. Francis a couple of years ago. Any opinions on which one you prefer?

I also decided to give myself a "Tuberous Begonia" blossom for my feast day.

This recent drawing was done working from a photograph I saw on Facebook. I have two new sources of photographs on there and they occasionally have photos of things I am able to draw.

I am posting this a bit earlier tonight as we are having a meeting in the co-op which starts at 7 and I need to attend -- ugh! Oh, well, it is my duty to co-operate in the co-operative in which I live and this includes going to the occasional meeting so there is no need for me to complain.

Happy feast day to me and peace to all of you.

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Anonymous said...

Just a note about your August 19th posting on St. Francis - Although I really liked the earlier one you did, this one is even better! Like good wine, your works always seem to improve with age. . .