Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Pasque and Tidy Tips

Tonight I want to show you two very different drawings of flowers.

The first one is the "Pasque Flower". This flower, a native of Europe, gets its name from the fact that it usually blooms around Eastertide. It probably originated in eastern Europe and is now found from Finland to Italy. It is also found in Great Britain as it was transplanted there by the Romans! It is interesting to think about Roman soldiers, all those centuries ago, being so attracted to this little flower that they made the effort to take it with them to the far edges of the empire.

This second drawing is of a North American flower with the name of "Tidy Tips".

Tidy Tips, found both wild and in gardens, is native to southern California. A member of the aster family, this annual has bright, daisy-like flowers -- a strong golden-yellow -- with every petal tipped white. This is where the name "tidy tips" arose.

You may notice that the background is a mixture of drawn leaves and grasses combined with a photograph of grasses. I decided to play around a bit and see how such a combination would look. What do you think?

Otherwise, I have been delivering and mailing the last of the book orders. I don't think I will be selling too many more copies at this point -- we'll see. Anyway, what I am attempting to do now is to get a publisher interested. I have written what I hope is an appealing covering letter to go with the copy of the book that I will send to each publisher and I will keep you informed if anything comes of this effort.

One thing that seems fairly certain is that a publisher will be more interested in the Rosary book if they see it as part of a series of books. So, now I am working on the Stations of the Cross book using the same format. Next I will have to think what other Catholic devotional would benefit from being presented with icons and then get to work on new icons. As always, there is much to do.

May peace be with you all.

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