Saturday, 12 September 2009

Another This, Another That

I almost didn't get around to posting anything tonight, but finally gathered up the strength from somewhere!

My legs have been acting up again and as a consequence, I got very little sleep last night. So, today, every time I tried to do anything, I would fall asleep (I am almost doing so now!). Anyway, I did want to post a couple of drawings and say a few words.

I used the title for this posting of "Another This, Another That" because the two drawings I am posting have "Another" as part of their names.

The first one (above) is entitled "Another Hydrangea" and although it is a variety of Hydrangea that looks different from the ones I have posted previously, it is still a Hydrangea.

This second drawing is of another variety of Peony so the drawing is entitled "Another Peony".

There is not really too much to say about these two drawings as I have commented on both plants previously. And as I am once again having trouble staying awake, I think it wise not to try to say anything too profound!

May you all have a peaceful night and a blessed Sunday.

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