Monday, 14 September 2009

Getting into the Exotics

Tonight I have a drawing that is completely different from anything I have done previously -- a drawing of a cactus -- and not just your ordinary cactus, but an exotic one!

The name of this fascinating creature above is "Astrophytum asterias Super Kabuto" -- how about that for a name! It has to be grown indoors except for parts of southern Texas and California where the climate is just right for outdoor growth.

The "Super Kabuto" is a unique variation of the Sand Dollar Cactus originating in Japan. The Super Kabuto has a greater abundance of the white flecking than the Sand Dollar which is what evidently makes it a more popular version of cacti.

I decided to draw it simply because I thought it was beautiful.

This next drawing is of a hybrid of a shrub called Abutilon hybridum or Flowering Maple. The name of my drawing is Abutilon x hybridum or "Cannington Skies". The distinctive feature about this hybrid is the leaf pattern. The original plant has plain green leaves while the leaves of my drawing, as you can see, are mottled green.

Once again, I drew it because I find it to be a beautiful plant plus it is a bit unusual.

What I think is happening is that I am becoming a bit more jaded and wanting to draw more unusual plants. Actually, I am not sure if that is really true -- what I think I am after are plants that are more challenging like the cactus.

That is partly what attracted me to drawing icons. I mean I have always loved the look of icons, but they are such complicated images to draw. As those of you who have been following my blog over time are aware, my icons went from the simple to the more and more complex. I am getting ready to start a new icon without using any pictures of related icons -- just the image in my head. We'll have to see if I can create something beautiful for God or not!

So, it is back to the canvas. May peace be with you all.

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