Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hybrid Dahlias

The final day of September is here! How does time pass so quickly? Time -- that human concept that gives us the sense of things having a beginning, a middle and an end. We cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to live outside of time in some ever-present now and, yet, we are told that eternity, like God, exists outside of time. Have you ever tried to wrap your head around timelessness? The very attempt gives me a headache but I look forward to experiencing it!

Well, enough of that. Instead, let me show you two new drawings of Dahlias. As you may be aware, Dahlias usually look like this:

but this form is just the traditional dahlia with its curved petals, normally in layers of various shadings.

Over time all sorts of hybrids have developed which look little like the traditional flower.
For example, the one at the top of this column is called a "cactus dahlia". There are all sorts of cactus dahlias with similar looking petals. To me they look rather shaggy as though they are in need of a haircut. The colours, however, like most dahlias have beautiful shadings. There are a few solidly-coloured ones, but the majority are more like my drawing above.

Then there are hybrids which look even less like the "mother" plants.

The one above is a "simple flowerhead dahlia" with petals that are absolutely flat -- almost like a wildflower. The most beautiful part of this particular plant, to me, are the globe-like, tri-coloured buds. I think you will have to admit that the buds are prettier than the blossoms -- a very unusual situation.

Thus ends another posting. I need to go and get out my heavier blanket for the bed as the temperature is going to be down close to freezing tonight! How quickly the seasons change as time passes...

Peace be with you all.

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