Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Primula and Peony

I have been very forgetful lately! Today I was supposed to go to the hospital for some special x-rays which required that I not eat anything after midnight. Well, I was asleep before midnight so everything was fine until I suddenly remembered the appointment just as I finished my breakfast this morning! Oh, well, I really didn't want to go have an x-ray today anyway, I told myself.

But then, as I was getting ready for bed tonight, I suddenly recalled that it is the 16th, the day I am supposed to post to my blog! What to do? Well, I decided I would post something anyway even though I will get to bed a bit later which means I am likely to be sleepy and forgetful again tomorrow. And so it goes...

The first drawing (above) is a strange-looking, but very striking flower by the name of "Primula aricula" also called "Alicia".

Primulas are also known as primrose, polyanthus and cowslip. Although native to this part of the world, I have never seen Alicia except in photographs. Evidently it does well as a potted plant so maybe I will see one in the florist shop someday. I had great fun drawing it, by the way.

These next three drawings are all varieties of Peonies, and are all from the Genus of Paeonia.

I think you may have seen one or two of these previously -- with my poor memory, who knows! Anyway, the last drawing of the three is named "Paeonia cambessedesii" and was just completed last week. The middle drawing is much older so I have certainly posted it previously. The first drawing I am sure has not been posted before and it is named simply "Peony in Salmon Pink".

There you have it -- my drawings for tonight. I can now go to bed without feeling like I have forgotten something even though I probably have!

May peace be with us all.

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