Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ron's Photographs

Tonight I am honoured to be able to post two drawings done from Ron's photographs. As you may recall, Ron is the husband of my cousin, Sharon and they live in Tennessee. Ron takes truly beautiful photographs of many things, especially wildflowers. They have a website where you can see photographs of everything from children (especially their lovely granddaughter) to flowers.

The first drawing (above) is called "Ron's Crabapple Blossoms". Ron took a fantastic photo of a crabapple tree in bloom. When I saw the photo, I knew immediately that I wanted to try to draw it. I am pleased with the way the drawing turned out, but if you really want to see how lovely a crabapple tree can be, go to his website and look at the original photograph.

Crabapple trees bring back many fond memories for me. There were so many of them in the woods around my home in Alabama. Every year I delighted in their blossoms in the springtime. One particularly lovely tree was located along an animal trail just off the dirt road I had to walk to get from the school bus to my house. The fruit on this tree always looked so delicious that each year I could not resist trying some -- and each year it was as sour as ever. Fortunately, the birds seem to like the fruit!

This second drawing is also done from one of Ron's photos. It is of "Coneflowers" (Rudbeckia).

It is a simple photo of a simple plant. Looking at it posted here, I feel I need to go back and revise the background. It seems a bit too green to me. I will work on it some more and see what I can come up with.

As you no doubt know, the more common name for these flowers if Black-eyed Susans. I am not sure where the name Coneflowers comes from but the proper name Rudbeckia comes from the name of a Swedish scientist who lived in the 17th century.

I hope you all had a good Labour Day weekend and are now happily making your way into the month of September.

May peace be with you all.

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