Saturday, 24 October 2009

Another Flower and Horse

This the last Plumeria. I promise.

I just couldn't resist drawing this one, though, because instead of having white petals, it has slightly pink petals -- and I am very fond of pink flowers. I am sure it smells quite pleasant and must look very beautiful in real life.

Once again, the Family is Apocynaceae. The Genus is Plumeria. The species is rubra. The cultivar (or particular variety) is again unknown. So, just like the one I posted on Thursday therefore, I am calling this drawing "Plumeria rubra Unknown 2". I tried to find another photo of this one that might have the name attached, but was not successful. Oh, well...

This second drawing was inspired by a photograph I saw on Facebook. Not only did it contain a horse for me to draw, but there was also a lovely, young girl. Somehow the two go very well together.

Although I have never been particularly fond of the way white horses look, I am fond of all horses. I have found another photo of two horses which I am looking forward to drawing.

Speaking of being fond of animals, I imagine that many of you have seen the photos of "Pink the Pig". No? Well, here is one of them.

Evidently, the piggy needed a wet nurse and mama Dachshund was chosen. The mother dog accepted Pink right into her litter. Pink is now one of the cleanest of pigs as her doggy mama licks her clean just like the rest of her pups.

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."

It is difficult for me to believe that a week from today will be All Hallows Eve and then it will be November 1st. I love the fact that November starts off with two special holy days: All Saints Day on the 1st and All Souls Day on the 2nd. November is the month where the Church remembers the dead. As I get older, I have more and more family and friends to remember!

Peace be with you all.

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