Thursday, 22 October 2009

Another Plumeria

Here is another Plumeria -- the famous flowers used to make the Hawaiian leis.

Their Family is Apocynaceae. Their Genus is Plumeria. The species shown above is rubra. The cultivar (or particular variety) is unknown. So I am calling this drawing "Plumeria rubra Unknown". I think it may be "Heidi" which is one of the varieties I have shown previously, but I am not sure. I was attracted to the photo that I worked from because I liked the look of all those buds.

Just so you know, I have one more Plumeria that I am working on which should be ready by Saturday -- so prepare yourself for another one, but that should be the last of them.

Next I want to show the head of a horse that I drew recently.

I don't know if I captured the beauty of the horse -- not just the physical details but also the "sweetness" of the face. As you know, I am extremely fond of horses. I have even been considering getting involved in this program that we have in Toronto for disabled people to go horseback riding! It would be so great to be back on a horse again. I know I won't be able to let the horse gallop as I used to do with my "Skipper", but it would still be wonderful just to ride.

Here is a photo of my grandnephew, Daniel. He is learning to ride horses. He is in a group of children who have various physical disabilities and he is doing just fine. Here he is being taught how to brush the horse's tail. How I wish I could be there in Tennessee to ride with him. His older sister is also riding these days and like she does with most things, she has quickly mastered all the basic skills in just a couple of lessons.

Peace be with you all.

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