Thursday, 8 October 2009

Flower Spoons

Tonight's drawing is of one blossom of a plant called Osteospermum. Its full name is Osteospermum Nasinga Purple. It is one of a number of varieties of Osteospermum -- this variety is referred to as "spooned" for obvious reasons!

The genus Osteospermum belongs to the plant family Compositae/Asteraceae or the Daisy family. Does the blossom above look like a daisy blossom to you? Asteraceae, by the way, is one of the smaller tribes of the sunflower family.

These plants originate in South Africa where they are known under the common names of "African Daisy", "South African Daisy", "Cape Daisy" and "Blue-eyed Daisy".

The genus name of Osteospermum is derived from the Greek osteon (meaning bone) and Latin spermum (meaning seed) which equals "bone seed". Don't ask me why it was given the name of "bone seed" -- I can't figure it out either.

Below is a photograph of all the different varieties of this South African daisy.

The "spooned" variety is, to me, the most fascinating of them all.

All those tiny blue flowerlets in the centre surrounded by a ring of tiny yellow flowerlets are found in the spooned variety and a couple of other varieties as well -- sort of like a flower garden for tiny fairies.

I wish I had more understanding of how a variety could be developed in which normal petals can be turned into "spoon" petals. If I had time, I would really like to go back to university and study botany this go-around just so I could understand all the marvellous things about the plants and trees our Creator has so lavishly poured out upon the earth. (I pray we don't destroy them all.)

May peace be with you.

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