Saturday, 10 October 2009

Frangipani Lei on Horseback

I decided to do some more drawings of Plumerias flowers, more commonly known as Frangipani. These are such beautiful flowers and almost impossible for me to draw properly on the computer -- although I am stubborn enough to keep trying!

Plumerias (Frangipani) are also known as the Lei flower (hence my title) and is native to warm, tropical areas of the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, South America, Mexico and some southermost parts of Florida. They grow into large shrubs or even small trees.

Their Family is Apocynaceae. Their Genus is Plumeria. The species shown above is rubra. The cultivar (or particular variety) is Nosegay. So I am calling this drawing "Plumeria rubra Nosegay".

I am not finished with my efforts to draw a more life-like version so expect to see more Plumerias in the future!

You may recall my mentioning a week or so ago that I had come across some new photographs of horses. Well, I warned you that I would be doing some more horse drawings and here is the first of several.

I am calling this one "Horses -- Old and Young". As usual, I am not really satisfied with my horse drawing technique, but I have just about decided that I may never be! Regardless of my skill, I love to draw them (as you know) since I always pretend I am there with them while I am doing the drawing. After cats, horses are my favourite domesticated animal.

I am almost finished with my book on the Stations of the Cross and I have my Rosary book ready to print in the smaller, paperback format. So I am making progress. Next comes the text for the novena icon book. I am also working with friends to get a web site set up where I can sell my books and art work online. Maybe by the new year I will be ready to open my online store. God is so good to me in supplying me with so many wonderful friends.

Peace be with you all.

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