Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Happenstance and Harlequin

Let's begin tonight with a bit of happenstance! That happens to be the name of the flower posted above -- "Happenstance".

Actually, its full name is Penstemon gloxinoides Happenstance. This plant is of the Family or tribe called Scrophulaniaceae. How about that for a moniker?

These deep-throated flowers (I am not making any oblique references to Watergate here) are pollinated by the usual culprits from bees to butterflies to hummingbirds. They are found all over North America.

I tried a different kind of background with this drawing and I am unsure whether it worked or not. What do you think?

This next flower is another Hydrangea. Its name is "Harlequin" and it is a rather unusual looking Hydrangea as far as I am concerned.

Its proper name is Hydrangea macrophylla Harlequin and it is another member of the "big leaf" family of Hydrangeas.

I found this flower very difficult to draw because it has all these flower petals jammed up against each other. Plus, the petals are large and rimmed deeply with white. To me they ended up looking too much like a cartoon drawing. Maybe it is because there is so little detail -- just leaves and petals. Oh, well, they do look beautiful in real life but should probably be painted in watercolour instead of drawn on a computer.

I almost was not able to post this tonight as I could not get my drawings to download properly. I thought about what the problem could be. I knew that the only thing that had changed since the last time I posted was my being "tagged" by the Canadae.ca search engine. I had also added some Html commands so their logo would show up. So, I decided to remove all their stuff and then everything worked fine. Strange about that.
Well, all is well that ends well, so it is said.

Peace be with you all.

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Amra Porobic said...

Interesting backgroud, but a bit too overpowering in my view. Doesn't make red flowers stand out.
I liked a lot your spoon flower.
Northern light behind your stone-man is also interesting.