Friday, 16 October 2009

Plumeria with Sunflowers

Well, here is another Plumeria. By now you are probably thinking -- when will she stop drawing these Plumeria flowers? Well, I'll tell you -- not yet!

Anyway, this one is called Plumeria rubra "Heidi" so I will just refer to it as "Heidi" for short.

Heidi, like all Plumerias, is native to warm tropical areas. It is used in Hawaii for the making of leis. The trees may reach a height of 30 to 40 feet. They have long, fleshy leaves in clusters near the branch tips.

Now you have been introduced to Heidi, Celadine and Nosegay -- all members of the Plumeria rubra "family". Which lovely lady will be next?!

Next, I want to talk briefly about sunflowers.

Above is a recent drawing I did of sunflowers, called "Ron's Sunflowers". I posted this drawing some weeks ago. It is truly just a simple drawing of sunflowers -- nothing special about it at all.

Now, I want to show you some beautiful sunflowers in a painting done by a dear friend.

This, in my opinion, is a beautiful painting of sunflowers. As I mentioned, it was painted by a dear friend of mine by the name of Rose Marie.

She is a true professional when it comes to art as is evident from the work above. I have actually shown you one of her earlier paintings in a previous posting -- an Arbutus tree -- which some of you may recall.

Anyway, Rose Marie sent me a picture of her painting recently and I just wanted to share it with all of you.

I hope all my Ontario readers are enjoying our too early winter weather. At least the sun is shining!

Peace be with you all.

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