Friday, 2 October 2009

Vireya Hybrids

In the past when I thought about Rhododendron, I thought about a blossom like the mauve one illustrated here.

Then, as I begin to seek out more flowers to use in my drawings, I discovered that a Rhododendron hybrid had been developed -- and that there were lots of very different looking flowers under the general heading of Rhododendron, Vireya Hybrids.

The one with white flowers at the beginning of this post is one such example. Its name is "Mendumiae". Actually, its proper name is Rhododendron mendumiae vireya hybrid, but I call it Mendumiae for short!

You may recall the first vireya hybrid I showed you a few posting ago by the name of "Pink Veitch" -- proper name, Rhododendron pink veitch vireya hybrid.

Then for something that looks totally different from anything I have shown you previously but is still a member of the same family, we have the drawing below.

This recent drawing is known as "Dutartrei" or more properly Rhododendron dutartrei vireya hybrid.

The background came from my file of background images. This file contains some backgrounds drawn by me and others collected from various databases. This one was one I found somewhere else but I felt it went well with the flowers.

I came across some new photos of horses that I like so you will probably be seeing some drawings of them soon. Remember, I am always on the lookout for images to work from so if you see anything you think would be of interest, please forward it to me.

Happy feast of the Guardian Angels!
May peace be with you all.

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Anonymous said...

.Absolutely loved your latest flower-drawings, especially the one with the creative background. A great idea to highlight your "floral talents". I especially enjoyed "Dutartrei", October 2nd posting, and also the three you posted on September 30th, under the heading "Hybrid Dahlias".

I have pretty much decided that - for Christmas cards this year - I will be very "untraditional" and choose a number of your flower-drawings.