Sunday, 4 October 2009

Weigela and Quince Jelly

The first drawing I want to show you tonight is a well-known garden shrub by the name of Weigela. This plant is known popularly by its genus and the genus is named after the German scientist, Christian von Weigel -- he lived from 1748 to 1831. He did not discover the plant, rather he was the first one to write its botanical description.

Anyway, the rest of the name denoting this variety is "Weigela florida" -- probably the most common form of Weigela in North America.

This plant originated in Asia and exhibits trumpet-shaped blossoms with a yellowish throat which is attractive to hummingbirds. I am attracted to it as well, especially the purple-green foliage which I find very appealing.

This second drawing is of a branch of the "Red Flowering Quince" tree.

The genus is Chaenomeles in the family of Rosaceae (the rose family). This is another plant that originated in Asia. The flowers that appear in early spring are quite striking.

Later, a green, apple-like fruit is produced which can be used in preserves or jellies. The fruit is too bitter to eat right off the tree.

As you can see, I have both flowers and fruit on my drawing -- I think that is called artistic license! However, in my defence I must say that this is very young fruit as it is closer to the size of a small apple when it is mature.

I am posting this rather late tonight as I had company today so everything is a bit behind schedule. Now I think I will go and get ready to call it an early night.

Hope you all had a happy feast of St. Francis.
Peace be with you all

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Anonymous said...

A short note to let you know how much I like your drawing of the weigela plant -- beautiful colour and light. You are a gifted artist!