Monday, 9 November 2009

Another Cactus Plant

I have another cactus drawing to show you. Drawing cacti is actually quite challenging as they require so much detail combined with the need to try to depict cactus needles with some measure of reality. I enjoy drawing them and so decided to try to draw Rebutia pygmaea. I am calling it "Pygmy" for short.

The Family name for this small cactus is Cactaceae; while Rebutia pygmaea is the scientific name. The Genus is Rebutia and comes from the name of a 19th century French cactus dealer and expert by the name of Monsieur P. Rebut.

This plant is native to the eastern side of the Andes in Bolivia and northern Argentina. I am not sure why just the eastern side, but that is what the botanists say!
I have had a very busy day because my sister
and her husband, from Tennessee, came to visit me today! They got here in time for us to go out for lunch where we loitered until 3 p.m. and then after visiting for a few more hours, they left to go back home!

I know this sounds strange, but since they have a parents' pass (their daughter works for an airline), they can fly up here in the morning and then return home in the evening at very little cost. They have done this on a number of occasions in the past and while I would enjoy having them stay longer, this seems to work well for them.

Now I need to get a few chores done before making it an early night. It has been a wonderful but tiring day and I am very grateful to God.

Peace be with you all.

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