Thursday, 19 November 2009

Coreopsis on the Beach

Well, fortunately, the Blogger software is working properly tonight so I was able to upload my images with ease!

This first drawing is of a hybrid called "Autumn Blush". It is a hybrid species properly named Coreopsis 'Autumn Blush'. The Genus is Coreopsis of the Family Asteraceae. Its common name is tickseed Autumn Blush or tickseed Coreopsis or Threadleaf (you can see that it has narrow leaves).

The reason it is called 'Autumn Blush' stems (no pun intended) from the fact that in the cooler days of fall, the daisy-like petals take on a warm rosy hue.

So, that explains the first part of tonight's title; however what about "the beach" -- what is that all about?

Well, here is the beach.

I did the drawing because the tree intrigued me so much. It looks to me like some sort of pre-historic creature got trapped in the trunk. Then after I had drawn the tree, I decided to add a beach chair so I could more easily pretend that I was sitting there looking out at the ocean.

My name for this drawing is "Tree on Caribbean Beach". If I should suddenly fail to post my blogs regularly, then you might assume that I have found a way into my own drawing and am sitting on the beach with miz k.d.

Speaking of miz k.d., she has a problem -- she is limping badly. I have a call into the vet for a home visit so I can see if it is anything really serious. The problem with cats is that they won't let you know even if they are in serious pain -- so I want it checked out right away.

May peace be with us all.

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