Monday, 30 November 2009

More Milkweed

As promised, here is another drawing in my milkweed series.

This particular variety is one of my favourites. A number of milkweed species have the intricate "flowers" you see in the drawing, but in this version, the colours are so beautiful. One of the common names for this variety is "Scarlet Milkweed". In the Caribbean, it is often known as "Red Head" and in Central and South America it is known as "Mexican Butterfly Weed" and "Bloodflower". The plant originated in southern American areas of the planet.

I need to correct a mistake I made in Saturday's posting regarding the milkweed plants. I said that the Family name for these plants is Asclepiadoideae when, in fact, that is the name of the Subfamily (a change was made a few years ago). The Family name is Apocynaceae. The Genus is Asclepias and the proper name of this particular plant is Asclepias curassavica.

Like all milkweed varieties, the Scarlet Milkweed is a source of food for butterflies -- especially Monarchs. As is true for all milkweed varieties, the sap can severely irritate the skin and can also make you very sick when ingested. That is why, as you may recall, you must prepare the edible parts of the plant in such a way as to remove the sap. Once that is done, what remains makes a very tasty vegetable.

Here is what the drawing looks like when I used the special effects I was showing you in the previous posting. I only got one comment about the technique and that was positive -- so I decided to try it again with this drawing. I am not sure I like it as well as the previous one. Of course, the problem with this technique is that it changes the drawing sufficiently so that you cannot really identify the plant -- but that is not necessarily a major concern for an artist, I guess.

I received my draft copy of my book on the Stations of the Cross icons today. It looks pretty good although I see a couple of things that need changing right away. Plus, I want to get someone else to proofread the text before I say that it is finished. I will let you know when it is ready to be sold.

Peace be with you.

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