Saturday, 12 December 2009

Another Feast Day

Topographic Image

Today is another feast day for Our Lady -- the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Under this title, Our Lady is known as the Patroness of the Americas, but she is particularly venerated under this title in Mexico and Central America. I have drawn her image and posted it here previously, but my drawings do not show nearly clearly enough how totally like an Aztec Our Lady appeared. She came to an Indian who was a recent convert to Catholicism and she called him and all his fellow native peoples "her children". She was dressed like an Aztec even down to the black sash around her waist which was tied in such a way as to denote pregnancy. Our Lady's appearance as one of them, opened the floodgates to conversion an over the next half century, more than 8 million native Americans became Catholic Christians. And we still have the proof of that appearance with us after almost 500 years: the cactus-fibre tilma on which Our Lady's image was imprinted in some way that scientists have never been able to explain. Amazing!

Now for tonight's drawings...
The one above is of the same subject matter as the one below: the Angel Trumpet flowers. The one at the top of this posting has been treated with the software that I have talked about previously. I prefer the version above to the actual drawing. I feel the original drawing is rather boring while the "treated" version is somehow more interesting. I would ask you what you think, but no one ever responds to that question except my friend, A.

Untreated Image

Finally, I have a new drawing of a colt. As usual, I wish it could be better. I seem to have an even more difficult time with colts than I do with adult horses. It is kind of like drawing a baby picture. Neither drawings of babies or colts are just a matter of making the big smaller. Babies have a whole different facial presentation than children or adults and I find that colts also present similar problems. Anyway, I tried once again with the thought that sooner or later, I am going to get it right!

May peace be with you all.

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