Friday, 18 December 2009

Apple Blossom Time

Here is a drawing of some apple blossoms. My previous drawing of similar blossoms was actually of crabapple blossoms. These then are the "real" thing although I must confess that I have no idea which type of apples would come from these blossoms!

Once again I did the "topographic" thing and once again I really like the effect. The reversal of the colour of lines from black to white and the changing of the other colours creates a very pleasing effect -- or so it seems to me.

I am now thinking about making a collection of these topographic images. As you know, I have posted about 5 such images thus far. I have discovered that this process does not work well for all flower drawings, but for many, such as the magnolia blossoms posted recently, the software creates a look that reminds me of stained glass. I even used the first one I did -- the Giant Milkweed -- as an illustration in my newest book "Stations Icons". Meanwhile I will just continue to post them in the blog for you to enjoy.

As I write this, I am listening and half watching a concert by The Priests from St. Malachy's Church in New York City. They are singing Christmas songs and the music is really putting me in the mood for that holy day of Christ's Mass. How has it gotten here so quickly?

I think I will go and pay more attention to this beautiful music.
May peace be with you.

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