Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Meadow Beauty and a Rooster

This rather unusual drawing of flowers is really a fairly common wildflower. I first became aware of it in Florida, but it grows over much of the southeastern U.S. and even up as far as the lower New England states.

This flower's proper name is Rhexia mariana while its everyday name is "Pale Meadow Beauty". I am working on a similar drawing of a plant in the same family called Virginia Meadow Beauty which I will be showing you in the days ahead.

There are about a dozen species of meadow beauty native to Florida. This species, Pale Meadow Beauty, is common in the sand hills, flat woods, bogs and marshes from the northern counties of Florida south to the central peninsula. (Wunderlin, 2003)

In Florida, this species blooms from early spring through the fall.

Now I want to show you a photograph I came across some months ago and which I saved because it delighted me so much. I have actually been thinking about showing it to you ever since I saved it, but somehow never got around to it. Well, tonight is the night!

In my own picture file, I named this photo "Our Fearless Leader". The rooster is right out there in front with his "harem" anxiously watching him demonstrate that this bridge is perfectly safe. As you know, I spent a number of years helping to take care of chickens when I was growing up in Alabama. I can almost hear the sounds the hens would be making as they nervously observe their fearless leader! This picture causes me to chuckle every time I look at it. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Well, another show featuring Christmas carols is coming on EWTN and since I never get enough of the traditional religious carols, I think I will turn up the sound and sing along!

I will be posting again on New Year's Day so until then, peace be with you all.

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