Monday, 28 December 2009


Tonight's title of "Reflections" has a double meaning. I have done another drawing of something reflected in water -- an interesting challenge to anyone who tries to paint or draw -- and the subject of my drawing led me to further reflections on that subject, namely trees. I hope that sentence was sufficiently confusing!

First, the drawing itself. It is a simple drawing of winter trees reflected in still water. I am not really talented enough to bring the subject to life -- or so I think. The simpler the image the better the artist needs to be! At any rate, I had done what I have done and now I am showing it to you.

As I have mentioned before, when talking about my great fondness for trees, I was very attracted to dead trees for many years. I loved their stark beauty (and still do) which was created by the process of decay. Storms break off pieces of branches and limbs often sculpting something quite magnificent. When I first saw the photo that inspired this drawing, I was struck immediately by the similarity these barren trees had to dead trees. Actually, the photo that I worked from had a lot more stuff in it -- fir trees, a road, a house, etc., but I really wasn't interested in drawing any of it other than the trees.

I took a look at this drawing using the topographic selection in the pixel software, but it looked much the same as the original -- so it seemed rather pointless to show the result.

I did come across another photo of a reflection that I find fascinating because it takes my eye a half second to figure out exactly what I am looking at! It is not an image that I feel like drawing, but I kept it because it is unusual and very beautiful.

Going back to my reflections on trees, I was reading a bit about this new movie Avatar. Evidently, the trees are very much involved in the lives of the indigenous "people" on the planet (moon) called Pandora -- sort of like a fellow species with which the native people communicate. The greedy capitalists actually bulldoze the trees including their "Hometree" leading to the eventual defeat of the capitalists. The story reminds me of one of my favourite Alan Dean Foster books entitled "Midworld" in which the native people "meld" with all other living organisms on the planet. They, too, live on a Hometree. Read it if you get a chance since it seems to be a simpler version of Avatar.

That's enough reflecting for tonight!

Peace be with you.

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