Sunday, 20 December 2009

Topographic Special

First let me introduce you to my latest flower drawing. "Lotus Blossoms" (above) was an effort to capture the delicate petals of the Lotus water lily. I am not satisfied with what I was able to achieve as the petals and pads (leaves) need to be almost transparent -- something I have never been able to do with my rather limited drawing software. You will notice that I also applied an art deco type frame as I did in a previous drawing of the Lotus.

What I did do was try the topographic method on this drawing and several other "water lily" drawings. I found this to be very successful although the nature of the art work is changed dramatically. I don't really object to this, however, as the result is quite pleasing.

First, is tonight's featured drawing. I think it handles the transition fairly well although the result is not quite as dramatic as the next one.

This is the first Lotus drawing I did with the frame. It is called "Resting Lotus". I am definitely pleased with the result I got when I used the "topographic" software on this one. This is another drawing that achieves, I feel, an almost stained glass window appearance.

Finally, I tried the software on the "Water Lily Reflection" drawing I did a few months ago. I am very fond of the original of this drawing and used it in my latest book. However, if I had known how pleasing the topographic image was going to be, I might have held off publication until I got this new software!

So there you have it -- three more drawings topographically renewed! It would be wonderful if I could get some feedback from people about these images. I have been trying to figure out how I might get people to respond. Maybe I should have a contest and offer a prize...

Well, first I will wait and see if asking nicely once again prompts someone to respond! That would be a nice Christmas present for me.

Meanwhile, may peace be with you during these last days before we celebrate the birth of Christ.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Just hitting the "next blog" button brought me here. I like your art work, and the topo stuff is really nice. Are you going to try that also with the iconography? Give icons that stained glass look?

Anonymous said...

One more thing. My artist son wants to know more about this "topographic software". Do you have a link or more info on this?

Sallie (Sarah) said...

Sallie's Reply
I have tried the software on a few icons, but I don't like what it does to some of the faces. I am working on resolving that problem and will try again.

As for the software itself, it is called Pixel Perfect and I got it through Uniblue. You should find a link if you Google Pixel Perfect.

Deb said...

Have a Merry Christmas! And many creative days in the new year.