Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Allamanda schottii, first and last

Here is another Allamanda. This one is called Allamanda schottii but its common name is Bush Allamanda.

Allamanda schottii is an ornamental plant of the Allamanda genus in the Apocynaceae family and is native to Brazil.

As I usually do these days, I experimented with the topographic software just to see how my drawing would be changed. The result is not at all attractive; however, I included it just because of the different types of distortion that resulted. The topographic results, in my opinion, only work on certain types of flower drawings using certain colours.

A friend in Tennessee sent me some delightful Panda photos today. This one is my favourite. It is named "All right now, on the count of three... PUSH". There a few creatures on the planet quite as cute as baby Pandas. Lots of baby animals are cute, but Pandas are not only cute but delightfully funny as well. It must be their big eyes and their roly-poly physique!

A very dear friend of mine had a horrifying experience today and I just can't stop thinking about it. While leaving a major department store, she was suddenly and roughly accosted by two large men who were, it turns out, accusing her of shoplifting. In her shock, she resisted their attempts to grab her bags as they pushed her about. They yelled that she was resisting and pulled out handcuffs and put them on her. This all took place in the midst of a busy shopping mall. Then they practically dragged her to a basement room, windowless, where they proceeded to search all her belongings without her permission while threatening to lock her up if she caused any more trouble. Once they realized that she had nothing from the store in her possession, they had to release her, but she immediately sought out the store manager and registered a complaint. He tried to apologize, but, obviously, an apology is not enough. She is left feeling violated, humiliated and shocked. The guys who grabbed her, it turns out, were department store security guys. Something must be done to prevent this from happening to other people.

So, with a heavy heart, I say: Peace be with you all.

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