Sunday, 3 January 2010

More Meadow Beauty

Tonight's drawing is the additional Meadow Beauty drawing I promised.

This North American wildflower is from the Family of Melastomaceae and the Genus Rhexia virginia. It is commonly known as "Virginia Meadow Beauty". This is another wildflower I became acquainted with when studying Florida wildflowers; however, it, too, is found throughout the southeastern U.S. and sometimes all the way up to Massachusetts.

If you want a few more details (and I only know a very few details) regarding this species, then take a look back at the posting for December 30, 2009.

I have had some positive comments about the unusual photos I have posted recently -- so, I thought I would post another one tonight.

These photos are not new to the Internet, but sometimes people don't see certain collections or don't look closely enough when viewing. Above is one of my favourites for what is says about the facial expressions of all creatures.

I describe the baby's expression as "curious innocence". I describe the cat's expression as "forbidden desire" and I describe the expression of the fish (if he could show it) as "Help! where is the lady of the house when I need her?"

I know that some of my readers are in warmer parts of the world tonight and I truly wish I could be there with you. It is so cold in Toronto right now with that awful wind chill and black ice everywhere.

Whether you are cold or warm, may peace be with you.

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