Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Tonight's drawing is of a plant that is not found in continental North America. It is found on many beaches in places near the equator. Thus, it is found on the islands of Hawaii. The common name I am using is the one given to this plant by the native Hawaiians: Pohuehue. It is pronounced "poy - whey - whey". Otherwise this plant is commonly known as "Beach Morning Glory" and "Goat's Foot".

This interesting plant is of the Family Convolvulaceae; the Species Ipomoea pes-caprae; Genus Ipomoea. Pohuehue, or beach morning glory, is an indigenous Hawaiian plant which is also found on the sandy shores of the tropical Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. It lies close to the ground and the petals open only in the cool hours of the morning. Pohuehue lives on salt water and its vines wind themselves down the beach and stretch into the ocean. Its seeds are dispersed in salt water too.

It plays an important role in the ecosystem of the shore. It holds together the sand so that it stops erosion and small dunes can form. Native Hawaiians used Pohuehue for various medical solutions such as healing broken bones or bad skin. The leaves are double-lobed, leathery and shaped like a goat's foot. The vine often grows right down to the high tide line. Ancient surfers slapped the stems of the Pohuehue on the ocean and chanted to ensure good waves that day.

Now, continuing with some of my funny photos collection, I want to show you a kitty cat give a dog a knock-out punch!

I apologize to all you dog lovers out there. I, too, am very fond of dogs, but to me there is no animal that quite compares with the cat -- from the largest lion to the smallest house cat.

I have always been a cat lover even though I did some terrible things to our house cats during my childhood -- usually with the best of intentions. Let me explain.

As you may be aware, cats, like dogs and other critters, often have very bad breath. As I began to learn about such things as the necessity for brushing your teeth and the offensiveness of having bad breath, I noticed one day that our cat had very unpleasant breath. I puzzled about this for a while and finally decided that this was because cats did not brush their teeth. The solution, I thought, was right at hand. Taking my toothbrush and loading it with toothpaste, I approached the sleeping cat and began to try to brush the cat's teeth. To my surprise, the cat was not at all grateful, but actually emitted a great cry of distress and fought hard to escape.

Once free of my little hands, the cat went running frantically through the house, foaming at the mouth. The cat, in fact, went running straight to my mother who quickly let the cat outside where the poor animal began to perform all manner of gymnastics in an effort to get rid of this foam that continued to froth about its face.

Meanwhile, my mother made quite certain that I never did such a cruel thing again by punishing me appropriately. I did try to explain that I had done this with the best of intentions, but I don't think my mother was convinced and I was watched carefully both by my mother and the cat for quite some time afterwards!

May peace be with you all.

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