Monday, 25 January 2010

Where's the snow?

I am feeling a bit grumpy tonight because here it is almost the end of January and we have had no snow at all since winter officially began!  I mean, snow is a problem and even keeps me housebound for a few days during the winter, but it is part of the season and I miss it!

I really do not know what is happening to us here in southern Ontario.  We have almost broken records over the past few days for the amount of rainfall and the warm temperatures.  In a town a couple of hours drive from here they have even had flooding today because of the rain.  This should not be happening.

Then there is poor Whistler, B.C. where the Olympics will begin in a few weeks.  They always have tons of snow and this year they are frantically storing man-made snow in case it stays warm between now and the Olympics!  Meanwhile, the other provinces have been hogging all the snow instead of sharing it with them or with us!

As a consequence, I have been taking frequent peeks at some of my favourite tree photos that include snow.  The one at the top of the post is a real pleasure for me to look at, imagining myself coming through the gate on a snowy day.  The sunset is such a traditionally wintry one -- the kind you sometimes see just before the next snowstorm moves in.


This next snowy scene shows a beautiful, old tree that has lost a limb either because of the weight of the snow, high winds or maybe an ice storm.  The light is so lovely and holds the promise of more snow.  I do hope the sheep in the background get to the barn before the flakes start falling! 


And, finally, a really snowy scene with one of those strange, winter rainbows.  I kept this photo not because of the trees -- I like the look of fir trees, especially with snow on them, but I don't have the fondness for them that I do for hardwoods -- no, I kept it because of the magic rainbow.

I know I really shouldn't be complaining about not having snow -- not when there are people who are really suffering in Haiti (and other places).  And, I am not really seriously complaining -- just being grumpy as I said in the beginning.  I am hopeful, however, as our forecast shows dropping temperatures over the next few days and there is the possibility that we could have a bit of snow as well.

Meanwhile, I will continue to work for the relief of the people in Haiti, hope that the people in Whistler get some real snow before the Olympics and try to accept whatever weather we get and not complain (but I really would like to have some snow!).

Peace be with you all.

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