Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Arizona Poppy, Kallstroemia grandiflora

The Arizona Poppy (above) is a southwestern desert wildflower found in the U.S. states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California -- and also found in Northern Mexico.  Theses so-called "Poppies" are not Poppies nor are they even closely related to Poppies, but they do look like Poppies, especially California Poppies.  "Arizona Poppies" are one of the most handsome wildflowers in the Southwest, frequently found growing in large masses along roadsides or sandy washes, brilliant in the summer sunshine.

They are members of the Family, Zygophyllaceae.  The Genus is Kallstroemia and their species name is K. grandiflora.  The plant has several common names other than Arizona Poppy, including Arizona Caltrop and Orange Caltrop (the colour varies from yellow/orange to orange.  The plants are a favourite bird food, especially liked by doves.  Notice the interesting leaves.

Next, I have posted a helpful chart entitled "How to tell if you have stinky feet".  I am sure you will find this very informative as it uses the latest scientific techniques [a cat scan] to help you determine if you, in fact, have stinky feet. 


You may want to consider keeping a small oxygen mask close at hand just in case the "cat scan" needs to be revived!

The weather people are promising us another snow storm and saying that this time it will really snow -- a lot.  However, after their last big prediction which left us downtown dwellers with may an 1/8th of an inch which melted the next day, I am not inclined to take their latest prediction too seriously!  I will certainly express to the weather people my sincere apologies should they actually get it right this time!!

May peace be with you all. 

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