Saturday, 20 February 2010

Cordia lutea

Let me introduce you to Cordia lutea of the Boraginaceae Family -- commonly known as "Yellow Cordia".

 The genus, Cordia, is composed of shrubs and trees in the borage family.  About 300 species have been identified worldwide, mostly in warmer regions.  Many Cordias have fragrant showy flowers and are popular in gardens.  A number of the tropical species have edible fruit.  Many of the species are commonly called "manjack".  I am not sure why they are given that name, but that's what the books say.  

Yellow Cordia (my drawing above) is an ever-blooming, small tree, growing up to 15 feet tall.  It is native to South America.  The flowers are canary-yellow, in clusters.  I don't know if I achieved the correct shade of yellow or not, but I must say that I did enjoy drawing these flowers and the fruit of the Yellow Cordia tree.


Tonight's "cute" photograph is actually two photographs -- not related, but both appealing in their own way.  

The first (above) shows a very hungry little child -- I suspect it is a boy considering the eating habits already in evidence!  Forgive me, I just couldn't resist.


The second photograph shows a tiger taking a cooling bath on a hot summer's day.  He obviously likes living on the edge!  It is interesting to me how some members of the cat family love to play, swim and sit in water while others run from it like a huge pit bull.  

Speaking of cats, I am still missing dear miz k.d. very much.  I know it will become easier with time.  I am also already thinking about the possibility of asking another kitty to share my home with me.

May peace be with you all.  

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