Tuesday, 16 February 2010

In Memoriam


miz k.d. -- May 8, 1995 - February 15, 2010 -- R.I.P.
(this photo was taken last September showing miz k.d. resting in her favourite spot at the foot of the bed)

Yes, miz k.d. was "put to sleep" last night by my vet while I held my kitty in my arms and told her not to be afraid.  It was a very precious time as she was first sedated and after about 15 minutes she was given the injection that stopped her heart.  What made it special was seeing miz k.d relax for the first time in days as the pain and discomfort disappeared and she became calm.  I was weeping quietly through all this by the way, but was very careful not to let my tears disturb miz k.d. as I stroked her head.

Now I am missing her very much, but I know that in time the sadness will ease and I will remember all the good years.  I don't know what happens to loved kitty cats when they die, but I do believe that God knows and sees and cares.  I will paraphrase what Our Lord Jesus says in the Gospels: "not a sparrow falls to the ground without the knowledge and permission of our Heavenly Father."  So, if that is true for a little sparrow, then it must also be true of an 11 pound, all-white kitty cat by the name of miz k.d.

It seems a bit strange to me, but people have already started asking me if I plan to get another cat!  I think that I probably will in good time.  I am far from being ready to do so yet.  I need time to process all that has happened these past weeks and really come to terms with miz k.d.'s death.

Now I want to go and search out a few more of miz k.d.'s toys which she seems to have hidden all over the apartment.  Each one has a memory attached which I can re-live before I add it to the growing pile of items that need to be either discarded or passed on to another cat person.

Many of you who read my blog regularly have already been in contact about miz k.d.'s death as the news seems to have travelled quickly.  Just let me say how grateful I am for each and every one of your kind words and promises of prayers.  God is so good.

May peace be with you all.

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