Friday, 26 February 2010

A Lenten Project


I hope you are not too shocked to see another "icon", but I decided as part of my Lenten preparation that I would add two additional saints to my novena book -- which is still not finished.  This third volume of the "praying with the saints series" is turning into something similar to Penelope's weaving (the wife of Ulysses) -- I never seem to be able to get it finished!

This icon is of Saint Faustina -- the Polish nun who gave us the image of Christ Jesus as Divine Mercy.  As you may recall me telling you when I posted my drawing of the Divine Mercy image, Sr. Faustina was shown the image of Christ with streams of blood and water pouring from His heart with the instruction to do a painting of what she had seen.  The only problem was -- Sr. Faustina did not know how to paint! 

She got permission from her superior to seek out an artist who could do the painting for her.  She described what she had seen to him and he did his best to produce the painting.  Of course, Sr. Faustina was not satisfied, but finally had to accept that the artist had done the best he could and that no mortal would be able to capture the beauty of the divine on canvas.  In spite of what she thought of the painting, it has become a beloved image throughout the world.  For my drawing, I used the icon of the Divine Mercy that I drew several years ago.

You will notice that the saint's name is listed twice -- on the right side of the icon it is shown in Polish (sw. being the abbreviation for saint in Polish) while the English version is on the image's left.



I came across this sweet photograph of a Polar Bear mother and her twins the other day and wanted to share it with you.

There is something so appealing about Polar Bears even though we know what a nuisance they can sometimes be in northern communities -- especially around the garbage dumps.  Of course, if we had not destroyed their habitat, they would probably be quite content to stay out on the polar ice that they have called home for eons.  

Speaking of twins, I had a phone call today from one of the vets I had contacted about helping me find a new cat companion.  She has two litter mates (black and white) who need adopting, but she wants them to be adopted together.  Someone else had planned to adopt them but backed out at the last minute.  I am very tempted, but had not planned to adopt two cats.  I continue to be torn about what to do.  I am praying to make the right decision.  Please pray with me.

Meanwhile, I pray that peace will be with us all.

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