Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Report on miz k.d. 10-02-2010


 It is very, very late, but I wanted to post something before collapsing into bed.

As some of you are aware, yesterday afternoon I was told that the x-rays taken of miz k.d. showed a growth that appeared to be attached to her liver and a possible growth in her chest area -- suspected tumours, possibly cancer.

Tonight, a little over 24 hours later, I was told that on ultrasound examination today, there was no sign of any tumours.  She does have a serious kidney infection, but the spots seen on the x-ray on Tuesday were not visible on ultrasound on Wednesday.
Yesterday, after learning of the possibility of cancer, I contacted several friends, telling them of the situation and asking them to pray for miz k.d. and for me -- and to also ask St. Francis to join us in prayer.  I was very distressed at the time I sent the emails and so did not send the information to all my friends, but to the few who immediately came to mind for one reason or another.  I was quite a mess emotionally to put it mildly and could hardly think straight.

Anyway, the vet finally got miz k.d. back home this evening about 8:30 and we have slowly been getting ourselves settled down.  miz k.d. has eaten, given herself a bath and is now sound asleep in one of her favourite chairs.  I am trying to unwind -- which is the reason I am still awake at ll:30!

I know that the x-rays could have been read incorrectly or that the doctor who did the ultrasound made a mistake.  However, at the moment I feel as though I am faced with the evidence of a miracle which occurred in answer to our prayers.  miz k.d. and I have been given a reprieve for which I am extremely grateful to God. 

May peace be with you all.

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