Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Samson the Cat

I do apologize to all of you who are not particularly fond of cats, but I am a cat person and I just can't help myself.  I love to see cats, pet cats, play with cats, draw cats -- and all the other things, easy and difficult, that go with sharing my life with cats.

I am also very fond of certain breeds of dogs, but have never been in a situation where I could live with a dog -- so, cats became my preference because they are what I know best.

Anyway, let me talk about these two drawings of the same cat:  Samson.  Unfortunately, Samson died this past year after a very happy life of looking after two humans -- I am sure he thought they were very nice, but just a bit slow when it came to things like speaking cat, for example.  These two humans happen to be two people I care about so I wanted to do something special for them after Samson died.  Thus the drawings.

As for the reason why there are two, I was trying very hard to get the exact shade of Samson's coat, but found it almost impossible with my limited palette of colours and in the end I couldn't decide which colour I thought was closer to the real colour of Samson's beautiful coat.  So now they have two colour versions to choose between in case they want to print themselves a copy. 

I wonder which one you would choose! 

Continuing with my cat theme, I decided to post the photograph below.

I call this picture the "Dance of the Cats".  It really does look almost like they are dancing; however, if you look closely, you can see that they are just energetically having one of those mock fights that cats love to engage in with each other and with their humans.

You may recall that I was complaining about our lack of snow last week -- well, we finally had a snow storm today!  It lasted a couple of hours leaving us with an unmeasurable amount of white in patches on the ground.  I am sure it will all be gone by morning.  So, I am still waiting.  The groundhog said six more weeks of winter but at the rate we have been going, we will be wearing shorts by the 1st of April.  Forgive me for complaining -- I am trying to learn to be thankful for whatever weather comes our way.  Actually, I am very grateful that we haven't had any earthquakes, floods or blizzards as so many others have and I pray for all those who are suffering because of weather.

May peace be with us all. 

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