Monday, 8 March 2010

Bouvardia and Big News


Bouvardia ternifolia, commonly known as Firecracker Bush, is native to the American southwest.  It grows in semi-shaded, canyon areas above 3,000 feet.  The approximately 30 species in the genus Bouvardia belong to the Family, Rubiaceae.

Bouvardia was named after Charles Bouvard, the personal physician to Louis XIII and the superintendent of the Royal Gardens in Paris.  The star-like flowers grow in clusters on thin, branching stems, like small flower bouquets in soft shades of pink, white, yellow, salmon and red.  With a delicate scent and "feminine"  appearance, in the language of flowers, Bouvardia represent enthusiasm.


Here is my funny photo for tonight.  I call it "Well, it's a lot cheaper than gasoline!"  Personally, I don't think the camel minds laying around on the grass waiting for the occasional customer to come along.  They generally seem ready to lie down at a moment's notice -- at least that has been true of my limited experience with camels .

Now for my BIG news.  There is a kitty living in my home once again!

After my attempts to bring home three different cats all failed, I decided to try the Toronto Humane Society.  I went there today and came home with a cat.
She is exactly one year old this month and is almost completely black.  At the moment she is a bit overweight due to having spent the past 4 months in a cage.  I will have to watch her diet carefully so that she doesn't carry the extra weight into maturity.

Unfortunately, she already has a name and after a year it may be difficult to change it.  I say unfortunately because the name is "Suki".  Perhaps you don't see any problem with such a name; however, when I was growing up on the farm, "suki", "suki" is how we used to call the pigs.  Not only that, I know from my Polish friend that in Polish, "Suki" means "bitches".  So, if anyone has a good suggestion for another name that sounds similar, please pass it along and I will give it a try.
Anyway, Suki and I are getting acquainted and I must say, she seems to be a very loving and friendly cat.  I will keep you updated.

May peace be with us all.

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