Thursday, 18 March 2010

Childhood and Fantasy

Here is a sketch I did recently of a young girl eating cherries.  The only part of the drawing I am really pleased with is the girl's right arm and hand reaching for another cherry.

While working on this drawing, however, I started trying to recall the few happy memories I have of childhood.  As I was thinking about these things, I came across the following photograph.  

This little girl sitting with her dog on her suitcase while staring into the distance seemed to symbolize my childhood -- my growing up in the country.  There was even a gravel road up to our house.

What I used to do so often when I felt so lonely, isolated and imprisoned was lose myself in fantasy tales of my own creation.  Sometimes I would use the animals and trees around me as a starting place while, at other times, I would see a picture in a book or magazine that would inspire me to start another story in my head.  The type of pictures that would definitely have inspired me are the two that follow.

This image would have been a wonderful starting place.  I could have been watching for my beloved to come home or waiting for the attacking army to arrive.  Or, I could have been imprisoned for my faith like the stories of the saints.  The possibilities seem almost endless.

A ruined castle on a small island in the middle of a lake, surrounded by barren mountains -- what marvellous stories could be created about what happened to the people who once lived there.

Strangely enough, I have never had any inclination to write down these stories.  When it comes to writing, as you are aware, I am only interested in non-fiction.

Well, that is enough of this non-fiction piece of writing for tonight.  Suki is already sleeping and I hope to be doing the same fairly soon.  I have to get to bed early these days as she thinks 5 a.m. is the proper time for me to get up in the morning!

May peace be with you all.

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