Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Dietes bicolour


Tonight's drawing is of a lovely little flower that has a very limited natural range.  Properly known as Dietes bicolor of the Family Iridaceae, its common names in English are Yellow Wild Iris or Peacock Flower.

The genus name Dietes is derived from the Greek "dis" which means twice and "etes" which means an associate and is drawing attention to the position of this genus between Moraea and Iris which are its two relatives.  The species name bicolor means two-coloured (obviously).

The flowers are found naturally in a certain part of South Africa where the names in Afrikaans are Uintjie or Poublom.  The literature does not say what the native peoples call these flowers and I would really like to know.

Dietes bicolor forms clumps of erect, sword-shaped leaves.  They are arranged in flat fans similar to other members of the Iris family.  The flowers are produced on the ends of much-branched flower stalks.  The individual flowers only last for one day but because so many buds are produced, the plant is almost always in flower from October to January (spring and summer).  The plant produces club-shaped capsules which partially split open to release the seeds.  It is reported that the roots were traditionally used as a charm to protect the strength of the wearer.  

I marvel at the fact that such a beautiful little flower only lasts for a day.  That makes me think of the verses in Scripture where Jesus talks about how short our lives are and compares us to the "flowers of the field" which bloom in the morning and are withered by evening.

And now for something completely different!


I came across this photograph recently and, as it had no caption, I could only sit and ponder as to what in the world is going on here!  This is truly a photo in desperate need of an explanatory caption.  It is also a perfect photograph for a funny caption.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

After puzzling over it, I would say that it appears to be a bunch of banded, pink flamingos crowded into a men's washroom -- possibly to keep them separate from the un-banded flamingos.  Maybe the other flamingos are in the women's washroom!!

Something to puzzle over.  Remember, I would love to have a funny caption so if you come up with one, please send it to me.
No new kitty yet, but I am much closer to getting one than I was two days ago.  I will keep you informed.

May the peace of God be with you all.

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