Sunday, 14 March 2010

Floral Repeats

Another Freesia is tonight's first drawing.  

I posted the information about Freesia plants in the entry for March 10, 2010 so take a look there if you want more information about these beautiful flowers.

Next is another true lily.  This one is known as Lilium callosum.  

The information about the  genus, Lilium, was posted on the 12th of March -- the posting previous to this one -- so take a look there if you want to refresh your memory.

[Copyright Jay Thaxton]
And for tonight's funny "foto", I want to show you this young man.  

I laugh every time I look at the expression on his face underneath that funny hat.  Then I sit and wonder what is going on with our modern "coachman".  All sorts of possibilities come to mind from boredom to a bad case of prickly heat.  What do you think?
Although Suki continues to do well, I did have to call in the vet to take a look at her on Saturday.  Basically, she is quite healthy, but, unfortunately, she does appear to have worms!  She was treated for worms when she first came into the Humane Society back last November, but after four months of incarceration, it is not surprising that she needs treating again.  Thankfully, this is a situation that is easily treated -- it just takes a bit of time.

May peace be with you all.

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