Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Freesia Plus

Tonight we are having a Freesia Fest with two different drawings of Freesia flowers.  I actually have a third drawing to show you, but will save it for another time as I don't want this posting to be too long.

Although there are many different species of Freesia, I have had a difficult time figuring out which is which.  So, I will just be presenting these as examples of the genus, Freesia.

Freesia, in the family Iridaceae (the iris family), is named after a German physician by the name of Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese.  The flowers, with their bell-shaped blooms and sweet, citrus scent, are among the most popular fragrant blossoms.  They are frequently included in wedding bouquets and are listed as the correct flower for celebrating your 7th wedding anniversary.  In the language of flowers, Freesia are said to symbolize innocence and friendship.

While researching these beautiful flowers, I learned a new word, "corm".  A corm is a blub-like plant stem that serves as a storage organ which produces certain flowers such as Freesia.  These plants are perennials growing from a corm. Corms are also known as "bulbo-tubers".

Another word I learned was "zygomorphic" which means that these flowers grow along one side of the stem, in a single plane [see the drawings above].

Freesia, in its numerous varieties, is almost exclusively found wild in the Cape Province of South Africa, with a couple of variants native to tropical Africa with just one species extending north of the equator to Sudan.  Of course, they now occur in many other places through cultivation.  

I never cease to be amazed at the variety of God's creation.  Billions of flowering plants throughout the world and all of them uniquely beautiful in their own way.  God has provided us with beauty to bring joy to our hearts.

Now for an update on Suki the cat!

By the way, I have learned that Suki is a Japanese word which comes from "to like" -- some translations are "Loved One" or "Beloved". So, now I don't want to change the name after all!

Anyway, Suki is doing very well and settling in nicely.  She is a lovely young lady and I think we will be able to get the weight problem under control as she is very interested in playing with her toys and with me.  The only drawback so far is her desire to wash my face at 5 a.m.  For the past two mornings I have finally given in and just gotten up shortly after 5.  She is not asking for food as she has dry food out all the time.  She just seems to think that is the right time for face washing and purring!  

May peace be with you all.

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