Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Signs of Spring

Spring is very much in my thoughts tonight after an unusually warm day filled with sunshine.  I was actually outside today without a jacket and felt perfectly comfortable!  So I have chosen some items to show you that speak to me of springtime.

First is my drawing (above) of pink Dogwood blossoms.  Growing up in the southern U.S., Dogwood trees were one of the early signs of spring.  Almost before any other trees were showing leaves, the Dogwood trees would be in bloom.  

I can recall standing on top of the hill on which our house was located and looking over the woods that surrounded us and seeing these beautiful, slender trees breaking into bloom.  My heart would always be filled with joy at the sight of those bright trees amidst all the winter grey.

Another sign of spring, of course, are animals giving birth to babies.  I heard from my vet this past weekend (she was here to give Suki her first checkup) that all the kittens that she was aware of being born recently were already spoken for -- thank goodness.  Below are two photos a friend sent me that show another animal that was born recently!

While it would be very exciting to see a baby moose born in your front yard, I would think it might create a bit of a problem if you wanted to get into or out of your house! 

I have no idea what happened after these photos were taken, but, hopefully, mother and baby soon moved on back into the forest!

We have had such an easy winter in Toronto and now we are experiencing a week of spring-like weather.  It is supposed to get cooler again on the weekend, but I am hoping that we don't get one of those freakish, late-March snowstorms.  Many of the spring flowers are already poking their heads above ground.

Suki continues to do well although she still can't get through the night without waking me up and asking me to play!  Groan.  Where do these youngsters get all that energy?

May the peace of God be with you all.

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